Thursday, July 16, 2015

Is the road to hell REALLY paved with good intentions?

I set out to do this blog a few years ago with the intention of exploring different churches and writing about the way they made me feel. That lasted about a few weeks. In fact, life got in the way so fast, and I found myself working on Sundays, and soon, I was out of the blog habit. Plus, as I read the posts from that era. Holy smokes. Edit much? Very lengthy. Oops. Anyway, The last few years have been filled with much spirituality, and the path has led me to many wonderful manifestations and epiphanies. I continue to learn about religions around the world. I love to find the common denominator. Is it Love? Is it Peace? Is it Kindness? What do we have in common? What are our differences? In my quest for spirituality, I continue to gravitate towards a more science based religion. Energy, Universal influence, Quantum physics... all fascinate me and can be applied to religious prayer and belief. I will continue to study, ask, think, listen, learn about religions and God (call it what we will). I will continue to write about my experiences on this journey. I'll try to keep them a little shorter in the future. Intentions sometimes lead us onto different paths than the one we start out on. I am trying to give myself permission to change paths on this blog. Since I am in charge of my own path, my own destiny, my own blog. Permission granted.

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