Thursday, July 16, 2015

Being Present is a Present

I am currently enjoying a personal project where I try to practice the art of being present. By this I mean, every time I find my mind wandering, I force myself to pay attention to the details of what I am currently doing and to find enjoyment in the detail. It's kinda fun. For example, yesterday, a beautiful day, I went for a short bike ride. A time when I usually let my mind wander freely, I write stories in my head, plan businesses, spend imaginary money, travel the world, plan art projects, laugh about this and that. I am rather adult ADD at times, but I enjoy my own distractions, and since I follow through with my responsibilities, I usually let myself have this little indulgence. I digress. Anyway, on the bike I decide to be aware of every little detail of my bike ride. The moment observed, if you will. I listened to the songs of the birds, felt the sun warming my skin, smelled the flowers and the freshly mown grass. I felt thankful for the ability to ride a bike. I felt thankful that I had the time to do this. I found myself in a vibration of utter peace. It was truly uncanny. I continued to do it while driving, while sitting here right now at my computer. I am consciously finding the "Zen" in every moment. All I can say is that I feel great every time I do this. Not sure where it will take me, but feeling this peaceful vibration is totally worth the occasional thought shift.

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